Top Learning Management Software or LMS for 2021

In this article we will discuss which online course hosting platform is the best for you, while you may hear that these platforms offer the same features, I want to tell you that the choice of one of them over another depends on your vision and goals with online teaching.

Some platforms are good for beginners and others that are more suitable for advanced instructors, also the way you tell people about your courses may play a huge role in choosing one platform or another. For example, if you are bringing students from your youtube channel or Instagram page is not the same thing as running paid marketing campaigns through social media and search engines.

So, what are the top 5 learning management softwares on the web?

Below are my top recommendations for the best online teaching platforms and the reasons why you may consider one over another.

1. Thinkific

I find Thinkific to be the most beginner-friendly platform because they provide the zero-cost option with their free plan that doesn’t cost anything. In this plan, you can have up to three different courses and unlimited students in addition to content hosting.

If this is enough for you to start your online course, go ahead and start with Thinkfic but you should put in mind that you will not have any of the advanced features. It’s just, as they say, core features and that is pretty much all that you need to create the course itself, publish your lessons, and get students enrolled. Another advantage of this platform is that they don’t have any transaction fees, so it’s actually really really good to start out.

The downside of the free Thinkific plan is that you will basically not access all of the marketing tools like the emails drip campaigns, affiliate reports, email integrations, custom domain, coupons… But at the same time again you don’t need to pay anything to start out, this is a completely free option for someone on a budget. 

So is this something that I recommend? and the answer is not really, because when it comes to online courses you have big margins since it doesn’t cost you anything to fulfill the orders once you have your course made. And for all of the other marketing features that you will get, it just makes sense to invest that 30, 40, or 50 dollars, because you are going to increase your conversion rate quite a bit with all of the coupons, the emails, and the affiliates tools. 

So I would definitely advise going for a paid plan but if you are completely broke and you really just want to start out with something, then Thinkific does have a pretty amazing, completely free plan that you can start out with.

So the next thing that I want to talk about that is very very important when it comes to Thinkific is their affiliate reporting that with the basic plan. What this means is that you can have your students signing up as affiliates, and if they enjoy the course they can recommend it to other people and you give them a commission from the sale that they generated through their affiliate link.

The affiliate option works really really well, I do this myself and because people love my courses, they share those courses with their friends and I don’t need to do any marketing, I just have sales come in as referrals. It depends whether you want to use it or not, but most of the people use it since it works really well and you can set how much money you want to give out for every signup.

So if you don’t want to go with the pro plan and you just want to stick with the basic one, or you really care to have that affiliate program then I would say Thinkific is probably your option, because for all of the other platforms you will need to upgrade to a pro plan to have that affiliate program. 

The downside here is that if you look at the price of thinkific basic plan, you will find it’s 39 dollars which is a little bit higher than the other platforms like Learnworlds and Teachable that start from 29 dollars each one.



2. Learnworlds

Selling online courses with learn worlds is easy and fun because you can create your own stunning sales pages using tens of eye-catching templates. Just click and add a template, type your own text, and convert any block of text into a link. You can instantly publish your pages and start selling in minutes. Learnworlds is also the only platform that allows you to create stunning ebooks. 

It’s also an e-commerce ready out-of-the-box and allows you to choose among five different well-known payment gateways. You can increase your sales by creating discount coupon codes, course bundles, and subscription plans. And of course, you can connect your LearnWorlds with the best marketing tools out there.

When it comes to pricing, the monthly prioritizing for the starter plan here is only 29 dollars, which is lower than the other platforms. But at the same time, you will have five dollars fee per course sale, which makes it like teachable, but this is a fixed fee so it really depends on what your course price is. 

For example, if you price your course at one hundred dollars then five percent of that would be five dollars, so it would be exactly the same as teachable. But if it’s less than 100 dollars, then teachable becomes cheaper, if it’s more than 100 dollars then learn worlds becomes cheaper.



3. Podia

The last platform that I will talk about in this article is podia, it is a learning management software for content creators, teachers and instructors that allow to create online courses, memberships, and digital products.

What sets podia apart from other platforms is that it offers everything from memberships to online courses under one umbrella, that’s one thing that really intrigued me and caught my eye about podía.

I find podia a really great website since they are doing such a great job every single time that I contact them, ask for help, and hit up the customer support team. They respond back quickly and also they’re always coming up with new updates and new features that’s making the experience of podía a lot better.

When it comes to plans, Podia has the mover plan which is basically the basic plan with 39 dollars cost and zero fees, so this can be really better than teachable and learn worlds. I would say that Podia is the cheapest option because those fees, either five percent on teachable or five dollars on learn worlds, are going to add up pretty quickly so this is really the cheapest option. 

One thing you have to understand about podia as well, is that they are sort of trying to be a place for everything, so it’s not just online courses alone but you have a lot of other stuff as well. Asides from the online courses you also have digital downloads, unlike other platforms, you don’t need to go around and create a course that actually is just a link for a digital download. And I personally find it to be a great advantage to just be able to open your store where you have your courses and digital downloads in one place, and people just click to purchase and they get the download right away.




As described above, learning management softwares may have many offers in common butb each one has something special for you when you know your need and goal behind online teaching. Here in we desire you to succeed in your online teaching journey, that’s why we reviewed the top 3 online education plateforms in the market.

All what you need to do is to read the information above carefully and choose whiche website suits you the most.

Thank you for making the effort to read this write-up and see you soon in another informative post to help you succeed in your online business, if you need additional information don’t hesitate to contact us.

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